• What is FSRB?

    FRSB stands for Frontier Ranch Santa Barbara and is Frontier Ranch’s high school camp (9th grade to graduating seniors) at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. We will enjoy the college campus vibes, Santa Barbara, amazing activities, and all the while continuing to grow in our faith.

  • Why Westmont College?

    High school students want something fresh in their camping experience. We believe spending a week in the dorms and getting outside of the normal camp routine will help grow and mature the faith that so many of our campers accepted while attending Frontier Ranch.

  • Who can come?

    Campers going into 9th grade to graduating seniors.

  • What is there to do?

    Daily beach trips from a scheduled bus, spiritual seminars, paddle boarding, worship, State Street shopping, kayaking, duck tours, bike rentals, hiking, hanging out at the pool, and much more.

  • Is there a deposit?

    Yes, there is a $150 non-refundable deposit.

  • Can my camper drive themselves to camp and leave their vehicle?

    No. We ask that all campers be dropped off and picked up at the end of camp.

  • Do you provide transportation to FRSB?

    No. Campers will need to arrive and leave Westmont on their own.

  • Do you need to bring spending money? How much?

    Frontier Ranch suggests that each camper have $40-$80 in small bills for snacks on campus and downtown (McConnell’s Ice Cream!), souvenirs, FRSB merch, crafts, and other extra fun!

  • How many campers will be allowed to register?

    195 total, 68 boys/127 girls.

  • Will there be a wait list?

    Once we reach our limit, campers will be put on a wait list and be notified if space opens up.

  • Where will campers be staying at Westmont College for FRSB?

    Girls will be staying in the Van Kampen dormitory. Van Kampen is located on the lower part of campus below the dining commons near the Health and Counseling Centers. Boys will be staying in Van Kampen and Armington which is located across the parking lot from Van Kampen.

  • Dorm Info
  • What linens do I need to bring for the dorms?

    Westmont does not provide any linens in the dorm. A sleeping bag and pillow (optional: fitted XL twin sheet and blanket) should be suitable for bedding. And please bring a shower towel.

  • Where will the campers eat?

    Campers will eat at the Westmont College Dining Commons. The on-campus facilities offer a wide variety of food options for all dietary restrictions. See their website for more info.

  • Is there a speaker and worship team?


  • How many people to a dorm/cabin?

    In Van Kampen 9 campers and 1 counselor per dorm suite. Each dorm suite has 3 bedrooms with 3 beds for campers. In Armington, there are 8 campers and 1 counselor with 2 campers per room centered around a larger common area and shared bathrooms.

  • Can a camper request to be in a room with a friend?

    Yes! Campers may have up to 8 roommate requests. It is the responsibility of all parents involved to arrange with all other parents involved so as to have matching request lists. If lists do not match or if the camp has filled before lists are received, roommate requests will be much harder to accommodate and may not work out. Priority will always be given to those registrations received first. Requests made after the initial registration may not be honored. Even though we will make every effort to honor requests, FRSB makes no guarantees with respect to roommate requests.

  • What if I lose my room key?

    The Westmont dorm policy is when a dorm key is lost, a $40 fee will be assessed for a replacement. Keys must be turned in when checking out. Westmont will not take any keys mailed in after FRSB is over.

  • When does registration open?

    Nov 1st!

  • Will the counselors be the same counselors from FR?

    FRSB will have Alumni Frontier Staff.

  • What is a typical day like?

    Morning Prime time Program
    Breakout Seminars/Solo time
    All-Camp Recreation
    Lunch Free-time/Afternoon Activities around Westmont and Santa Barbara
    Prime time PM
    Late Night Activity

  • What is the weather like?

    Santa Barbara summers are warm-to-hot during the day and cool in the mornings and evenings.

  • How does FRSB handle behavioral problems with campers?

    Our desire is that FRSB will be an environment of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional safety for both campers and staff. In order to ensure that this occurs, we sometimes need to take steps in disciplining campers. We have a consequence system that staff can use to correct inappropriate behavior. The system begins with the camper losing free time, and if the behavior continues, a parent/guardian will be notified.

  • Can we send mail to our camper?

    All campers enjoy receiving mail from family and friends. Bring your letters to campers on check-in day with you. Indicate on the letter or package your camper’s name and what day you want it delivered. Due to the high volume of camper mail that is distributed, please limit your letter to no larger than an 8”x12” envelope.

    We ask that no products delivered by mail contain peanuts. If candy is delivered with peanuts we will throw it away for the safety of those campers with allergies.

    Please do not send letters or packages to your camper at Westmont via snail mail. Their office is not set up to receive or distribute mail to our camp. Please drop all mail off at check-in.

  • In case of emergency, who do I call?

    Campers will have access to their phones but in cases of emergency please leave emergency messages at the main office at 831-335-9133 and email jeff.neckers@missionsprings.com and leave your name, number and message. If it’s an immediate emergency and you need to contact Jeff Neckers, the FRSB director, please call 831-713-7708.

  • If my camper leaves something behind at camp, is there a lost-n-found?

    Yes. Email us at frsb@missionsprings.com and describe what you left behind in as much detail as possible. The Frontier Ranch Staff will try to locate your item(s) and will notify you if they are found. Lost-n-found items not claimed within 2 weeks after camp will be donated to local charities. Please keep in mind that Frontier Ranch is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Can I visit camp?

    Although Westmont is an open campus, we ask for parents and friends to give campers space. FRSB is a closed camp for reasons of safety, security, and just a time to be away at camp. During the camp week, no visitors are permitted unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Camp Director.

  • Are we allowed to bring phones?

    Yes, but we ask that it is not a distraction from your group in bible study, activity periods, and in Primetime AM/PM (morning and night program).

  • Will campers be mixed in with college students and locals when we go shopping?

    Yes. We will have buses that go downtown Santa Barbara, and Westmont will have summer school and other camps going on.

  • Will there be a nurse?


  • What if my child has prescription medicines/over-the-counter meds?

    Any medication coming to camp with the camper must be in its original container and must be checked in at the Nurse’s Station during check-in. This also includes vitamins or peanut allergy therapy products. Medicine will be given out at each mealtime by the entrance of the dining hall.

  • What if my child gets sick?

    There is a nurse station where campers can go if they get hurt or sick. If symptoms persist we will call parents and evaluate what to do next.

  • What time is drop off and where?

    Drop off is at Van Kampen dorm from 4:00 – 6:00 on the first day of camp. Parking is available right in front of VK Dorm.

  • What time is pick-up?

    Saturday 10:30 AM at Van Kampen Dorm.
    What if another parent is picking up my camper?
    During drop-off please notify us with the person’s name and phone number of who will be picking up your camper. Also please notify us prior by emailing frsb@missionsprings.com or if there’s a change in pick up.

  • Is there a packing list?

    A packing list and other important information will be sent in an email upon registration.

  • Will there be FRSB staff with my child when they are downtown?


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