• How much does it cost?

    $60 per week. This helps Frontier Ranch cover a few of the basic room and board costs from your stay at camp.

  • What is the time commitment?

    We ask you to consider serving 3-6 weeks. If you are unsure of your summer schedule you can add more weeks later. There is an additional week of training that happens at the beginning of the summer.

  • Where do I sleep?

    In a cabin with the campers and a summer staff counselor.

  • What types of things will I be doing?

    The program is set up to give you a picture of the many different roles that summer staff have. Some examples are:

    • Washing dishes
    • Prepping meals
    • Helping to harness campers for adventure elements
    • Catching campers on the zip-line
    • Assisting the rancher in the barn
    • Helping campers with safety gear at mini-bikes
    • Participating in team competitions (including The Surge!)
    • Helping out in Frontier Bob’s
    • Talking with the campers about their understanding of faith and who Jesus is
    • Attending morning staff devotions and being a part of a small group
    • Taking part in Junior Staff Fun-Fridays
    • And much more
  • Do I need references?

    Yes, we ask for at least two references. One should be a Christian worker reference from someone who can speak to or have an understanding of your faith like a pastor, small group leader, or mentor. The other should be from a teacher or employer. A link to these reference application forms will be sent to you after you finish your application.

  • Will I need to do an interview?

    Yes, once you have finished your application the Junior Staff director will be in contact with you to schedule a 15-minute phone interview.

  • If I am accepted to the program, what happens next?

    Once your application and interview are completed, your references are turned in you will receive an email with further details. You will be asked to register for the weeks of camp that you committed to volunteer You will need to complete or provide proof of completion of two certification courses before coming to camp: ServSafe and Ministry Safe. Instructions will be included during registration. You will also be sent a packing list and an email explaining when training week starts.

  • How can my parents communicate with me when I am at camp?

    You will be able to have your cell phone with you for communication. Any time you leave camp we ask you to communicate with the Junior Staff coordinators. Any time you leave Scotts Valley we ask you to communicate with your parents to let them know where you are headed.

Important Forms

Monday Initial Health Screening Form

Tue – Fri Health Screening Form

FRDC Waiver

FRDC COVID-19 Notice

Staff Health Policies

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