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Frontier Ranch has been a part of Mission Springs since 1967, with one goal in mind to allow anyone who visits this place as staff, campers, or parents to take one step closer to Jesus. 

Frontier Ranch typically serves around 2,000 campers every summer. This summer, we were able to shift our model to provide a week-long day camp experience to a total of 150 Santa Cruz County campers. We were thankful to partner with the Santa Cruz County Health Department for guidance on COVID-19 protocols to keep our campers, their families, and our staff properly socially distanced and safe. Ninety percent of those campers had never been to Frontier Ranch before. We feel blessed that even during a pandemic, the spirit of camp rang true, and we were able to share the love of Jesus with a brand new set of campers!

Even with the incredible opportunity of being able to offer day camps, Frontier has missed out on a summer full of silly skits, mini-bikes track loops, soaring zip-lines, and slip-n-slide rides. To make sure we can provide those things for future summers, we need your help. We have already raised over $200,000 towards our $1 million goal.


Mission Springs and Frontier Ranch have been through several economic ups and downs, fires, earthquakes, and now a pandemic. God has always protected this place, and by faith, we know that we will move through this challenging financial time.  This place exists for you and because of you.  Please be praying for Mission Springs, as we will be praying for you and your family. Please give what you can as we navigate this unforeseen financial. Every donation helps move towards our goal! Thanks!


Each of our four children loved Frontier Ranch. Our son, Jack, worked as a camp counselor and surf director for the past two summers. I have never seen him happier.  I love how Frontier Ranch brings Christ’s love to these children.

It changes lives.


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