• Team Competition

    There are 6 teams of 4-6 cabins who are in a week-long battle for the ultimate prize…signing their name on the Golden Surf Board. The 6 teams this year are:

      • Party Wave

      • Hang Ten

      • Shoreline Shredders

      • Whitewater Wipeouts

      • Beach Breakers

      • High Tide

    These teams are competing in different competitions throughout the week. Some of those competitions happen during Campfire, in the cabin vs. cabin games. Some of them are during evening recreation, in games like No Laughing Red Light Green Light, Captain’s Coming, and Treasure Quest. Throughout the week, your camper is earning points for their team. The winning team is revealed at our Final Campfire on Friday night, and the winning team gets to sign the Golden Surf Board.

  • Campfire

    Campfire happens in the Frontier Theatre, on those same steps you sat on for opening ceremony. It happens every night after dinner and evening recreation. Campers and staff pile in to fill those seats and watch as staff entertain with silly skits (filled with years of Frontier Lore) and sing some classic camp songs (like Ain’t Nobody, The Papaya Song, or 500 Miles), which we refer to as Prime Time songs. Following Prime Time songs and skits, our Worship team leads the camp in more traditional worship, and finally, we hear from our camp speaker for the week. Our desire at camp is to help campers take one step closer to Jesus – whatever that may look like. Our camp speaker is one way we get to do that! Each night our speaker delivers a message surrounding our theme for the summer, It Is Swell. Our theme – It Is Swell – has campers diving into the Psalms, and what it means to trust in God in the good and the hard. We are hearing about Psalms of praise, Psalms of lament, and every kind of Psalm in between! 

    Some specific Campfire activities that happen on particular days include: 

    • Sunday: the rules video 
    • Wednesday: gospel night 
    • Thursday: the music video, cabin vs. cabin games 
    • Friday: the name reveal video, the recap video 
  • Primetime

    Primetime is two things – an activity and a place – so it can get a little confusing. Primetime the place is a wooden amphitheater just past the entrance of camp! It is where Primetime the activity takes place. Primetime the activity happens immediately following breakfast each day. We trek up the Primetime trail and gather in the amphitheater for some Primetime songs (classic fun and silly camp songs) including the Bible Rap, which by the end of the week your camper might be able to recite from memory. Then we learn a cheer from our Program team! It’s a fun and exciting way to wake up each morning.  

  • Bible Study

    During Bible study, your camper gets to dive into the Word using our daily theme verses and big ideas each day. These are our daily theme verses and big ideas: 

    MONDAY Daily Theme Verse: Psalm 46:10  

    Big Idea: Be still and trust in who God is.  

    TUESDAY Daily Theme Verse: Psalm 42:5  

    Big Idea: Choose to Hope in God.   

    WEDNESDAY Daily Theme Verse: Romans 5:8  

    Big Idea: Jesus’ death made it possible for us to have a relationship with God now and forever. 

    With their cabin and counselors, your camper is getting to know Jesus through His word each day. Between Prime Time and the first activity period, the cabin comes together to study the word using our camper bible study packets. We strive to make bible study and interactive and engaging time for your camper – from doing fill in the blank Psalm writing to making our own instruments with the great outdoors to sing Psalms to, we want your camper to be deeply engaged in the practice of studying the word and coming to know Jesus through that time.  

  • Activities

    After Bible study, was an activity period. That’s right, the day has only just begun! Our activity periods are on a rotational schedule, so each cabin gets to experience all of the activities camp has to offer. These include:  

    • Minibikes 
    • High Ropes  
    • Barn  
    • Archery/Sling Shot  
    • Archery Tag  
    • Rock Wall  

    And of course, free time! During free time, cabins have access to the craft deck, Frontier Bob’s (our retail store), the pool, the 200 ft slip n slide and the nerd table (a table filled with games!).  

  • Gospel Night

    Our Wednesday schedule is the same, except that tonight is Gospel night, which means during campfire, our camp speaker will present the story of Jesus and your camper will be given an opportunity to respond, when in cabin time with their cabin mates and counselors. It is an exciting and meaningful night of camp, and one we take seriously and handle with care. Our heart behind camp is to allow campers take one step closer to Jesus, whatever that may look like for them at this time. We are honored to get the opportunity to present the Gospel to your camper this week.  

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